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Kofi Annan Want UN To Work For A Peaceful Solution

In a speech, Kofi Annan has asked for everyone to work together as he is determined to reach a peaceful solution to the problems in Syria. Annan is who is currently working as peace envoy in Syria spoke to a … Continue reading

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US Takes Orders From UN Says Defense Secretary

According to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta the USA takes it’s orders from the UN and not the congress or the constitution. In the video above Panetta says that America would need legal permission from the UN to start a war but … Continue reading

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Iran Denies UN Inspectors, According To Mainstream Media

According to the Wall Street Journal, Iran blocked access to their suspected nuclear site from UN inspectors, who they had openly welcomed. However, the WSJ have failed to mention any evidence or facts in their article and only includes one … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy Of The Libyan War

The war in Libya is nothing short of hypocrisy at it’s worst. The UN has ordered western countries to attack the oil rich country even though they look the other way when Saudi Arabia bans protests, Yemen is killing it’s own people for protesting … Continue reading

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