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TSA: Toilet Security Administration – South Park

Extremely funny clip from South Park’s episode on the TSA and the government bureaucracy which has taken over America. Hope your watching TSA, because no one is laughing with you. The only point i think South Park got wrong was how … Continue reading

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TSA Evicted From Orlando Sanford International Airport

The president of a major airport has announced they will attempt to opt out of using TSA and would instead use private security under federal standards. The airport had previously attempted to opt out in Nov 2012 but were unsuccessful … Continue reading

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TSA Body Scanners Don’t Detect Metal

A new video showing how the TSA body scanners don’t actaully detect metal or any other objects is currently going viral, despite the best efforts of youtube. In the video from tsa out of our pants, they demonstrate just how easy it … Continue reading

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TSA – Six Year Old Groped

In this video a six year old girl is groped by tsa goons before being drug tested. This is yet more evidence of just how disgusting these power hungry apes are. Over the past 1-2 i have seen some sick … Continue reading

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