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UK Police May Get Power To Shoot Rioters

Despite the UK police not using their powers when the riots took place in London this year, a new report is asking for police to have the right to shoot rioters with live rounds if any riots were to take … Continue reading

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London Riots – BBC Propaganda

In this clip the BBC lie about the man in the clip because he is explaining an opinion which doesn’t suit the BBC propaganda. Darcus Howe explains that he believes that the riots were an insurrection and was a reaction to young people … Continue reading

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Charlie Veitch March 26th Protest

Charlie Veitch footage of the protest on Saturday. The true protest on Saturday was from people like The Love Police, they speak out, tell others the truth and don’t just march with placards from one place to another. To watch … Continue reading

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London Protest Give Hope For Revolution

Around 250,000 people have turned out in London to protest cuts and fight back. Charlie Veitch of The Love Police has encouraged people to turn up and take London back. Already the police have been outnumbered against people throwing paint, … Continue reading

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