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Iran Denies UN Inspectors, According To Mainstream Media

According to the Wall Street Journal, Iran blocked access to their suspected nuclear site from UN inspectors, who they had openly welcomed. However, the WSJ have failed to mention any evidence or facts in their article and only includes one … Continue reading

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Water Cannon Not Cooling Japan Reactor

The water cannons which have been attempting to cool the Fukushima power plant have failed according to  the Nuclear And Industrial Safety Agency. Military helicopters were dropping water on the reactors in Japan until they were forced to stop because they were … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake – Radioactive leakage At Fukushima

All the reactors in the Fukushima nuclear power plant are at risk of melting down while the Japanese Government refuse to admit any radioactive leaks. On Saturday the nuclear power plant felt it’s first explosion which blew a huge puff … Continue reading

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