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New World Under Control Site Up and Running

Welcome to the new World Under Control website. I can’t pretend it has been easy and there is still a lot to be done but i’m in no doubt that we will spread the truth better now. Our new site … Continue reading

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Switzerland To Host Bilderberg 2011

This Saturday (11 June 2011), the Bilderberg group will be meeting in Switzerland to discuss a range of globalist issues. Alex Jones has called on all activist to descend on St. Moritz where  the meeting is being held. The discussions at … Continue reading

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Princess Diana Documentary – The Royal Wedding

This documentary explains the truth about Princess Diana’s death and shows how the British intelligence agency were involved. Princess Diana was killed by MI6 because she was causing problems for both the Royal family and the military industrial complex. The Royal family … Continue reading

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Pre-Crime – Charlie Veitch Arrested

This is the footage of Charlie Veitch being arrested before the Royal Wedding in an act of pre-crime. This was simply a political move to stop free speech in a country which prides itself on democracy. We go around the … Continue reading

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Into The Fire – Documentary Film

In this new documentary by Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, we see the illegal actions of police during the G20 in Canada. This documentary shows just what marshal law looks like as it  show peaceful protesters being arrested for simply having … Continue reading

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