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UK Police May Get Power To Shoot Rioters

Despite the UK police not using their powers when the riots took place in London this year, a new report is asking for police to have the right to shoot rioters with live rounds if any riots were to take … Continue reading

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UK Riots – New Laws Excuse To Take Peoples Freedoms & Rights

Today i heard Prime Minister David Cameron announce he will create new laws which will take more or peoples rights and freedoms. The first new law which has been laid out is the power for police to demand a person … Continue reading

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London Riots – BBC Propaganda

In this clip the BBC lie about the man in the clip because he is explaining an opinion which doesn’t suit the BBC propaganda. Darcus Howe explains that he believes that the riots were an insurrection and was a reaction to young people … Continue reading

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UK Riots Are Not Political

The riots across the UK are not political but are simply young, angry, disillusioned fools who think they are making a statement while getting a free tv for their troubles however are they being manipulated? We know that in past … Continue reading

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