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Internet Companies Forced To Snoop On Customers

Internet companies, BT and Talk Talk have lost their appeal against Digital Economy Act, which will mean they are forced to monitor customers downloads and take action if necessary. The act means that ISP’s are forced to send warning letters to customers … Continue reading

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US Arrests British Pair Because Of Twitter Messages

Two British tourists have been arrested in the US because of jokes they made on Twitter about destroying America and digging up Marilyn Monroe. Leigh Van Bryan, 26 and Emily Bunting were arrested by armed security at LAX because his twitter message … Continue reading

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EU Have Signed ACTA Global Internet Censorship

Today it was the turn of the EU to destroy our internet freedoms by passing the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which the US and seven other countries have also passed. Kader Arif, who was the European Parliament’s rapporteur for ACTA has now … Continue reading

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The Global Internet Censorship Already Signed

Obama has already signed a global internet censorship bill which will allow any company in the world to demand ISPs remove web content in the US without any legal process. While we were all fighting SOPA and PIPA, Obama had … Continue reading

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