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DHS List Of Suspicious Body Actions Includes Yawning

A document received by Infowars has revealed that Homeland Security now list normal body motions, such as yawning or glancing as suspicious. The document actually has a list of different body parts and the signs associated with them, for example it says; Eyes Glances: directions, duration, time … Continue reading

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TSA: Toilet Security Administration – South Park

Extremely funny clip from South Park’s episode on the TSA and the government bureaucracy which has taken over America. Hope your watching TSA, because no one is laughing with you. The only point i think South Park got wrong was how … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Could Find Out If Google Working For NSA?

For a long time now people have questioned the connection between Google and the National Security Agency, but we may be close to finding out the answer. Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) have failed to get NSA to honour Freedom … Continue reading

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TSA Body Scanners Don’t Detect Metal

A new video showing how the TSA body scanners don’t actaully detect metal or any other objects is currently going viral, despite the best efforts of youtube. In the video from tsa out of our pants, they demonstrate just how easy it … Continue reading

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Privacy Group Says “Government taking control of the internet”

Well our right to privacy in the UK is almost 100% gone now that a new anti-terror law is set to be passed which will allow the government to monitor emails, social media and other online actions. As we reported … Continue reading

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Veteran Refused Vote Because Of New Law

Former Marine Tim Thompson was denied the right to vote because of new legislation just brought in recently which states everyone needs specific ID which he didn’t have. The only ID which is accepted is; driver’s license passport government-issued ID … Continue reading

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Internet Companies Forced To Snoop On Customers

Internet companies, BT and Talk Talk have lost their appeal against Digital Economy Act, which will mean they are forced to monitor customers downloads and take action if necessary. The act means that ISP’s are forced to send warning letters to customers … Continue reading

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