World Under Control is written by an anonymous blogger who has woken up to the corruption of the global elite and their plans to create a new world order. Through watching documentaries about 9/11, the new world order and re-education, i have come to realise the world i once seen is not real.

Like so many people i always had questions because things never seemed to fit. I originally believed the official version about 9/11 and pushed those nagging doubts to the back of my mind until one day, when i was looking for some conspiracy documentaries (just for fun), and i came across loose change, which then opened up all the old questions plus a lot of new ones however they also had answers which made sense.

I am now dedicating my life to finding the truth, exposing it and continuing to educate myself and others about the way our world is really being run. I expect to be attacked for what i do, because if i am not, then i am doing it all wrong.


2 Responses to About

  1. sam says:

    It is people like you that the world should try to help…

    Loose cannon.

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