Solider Accused Of Massacre Expected Back In US Today

The solider who is accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians is expected to be back in the US later today, which may anger Afghan locals and lawmakers.

The solider will be placed at a military base in Kansas, however no official decision has been taken over where the trial will be carried out.

Afghans want a trial to take place in Afghanistan under their laws but some legal experts have said that it could be difficult now that the accused has been moved.

Earlier today an Afghan Parliament investigation into the massacre claimed that up to 20 soldiers were responsible, an account which witnesses had previous confirmed.

Tensions in Afghanistan are close to boiling point and even President Karzai who the Afghans see as an American puppet has demanded that security control is handed over early.

Aimal Faizi, a spokesman for President Karzai said he told Panetta;

“We’re ready to take over all security responsibilities now,” 

The initial war in Afghanistan was illegal and it is now time to get out and leave the country alone to solve it’s own problems without the UN, EU or US thinking it knows best.

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