Clooney’s Arrested For Protesting Starvation In Sudan

George Clooney has been arrested because we was protesting outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington and crossed over a line three times.

The protests were aimed at Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, who they accuse of causing a crisis by stopping any food or aid reaching the Nuba Mountains.

This is part of the same propaganda campaign to invade Africa for the oil and natural resources that helped get Kony 2012 so popular.

These celebs like Jolie and Clooney are able to see pain, suffering and human right violates in other countries but they can’t see it in their own.

Maybe these celebs should educate themselves on the pain and suffering of the children in harlem who can’t afford to eat or the human rights violate brought in with the NDAA.

The American government can kill it’s own citizens and is being made bankrupt through the federal reserve, but these celebs worry about issues in Africa where they would be rich if we left them alone.

It was western nations who put in dictators, gave them crazy loans and then demanded the money was repaid when the dictators ran off.

How was it repaid? it hasn’t been repaid, but we take the natural resources from these countries and give them pennies for them or use them for slave labour such as Indonesia.

But no, lets worry about an incident like those being brought by the celebs and media to exploit Africa yet again.

The really sad fact about all this propaganda, that even brought a tear to my eyes, was watching how African people who don’t have the internet or tv could see it was propaganda.

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