Assad Agrees To Cooperate With Annan But Will Fight Terrorists

Syrian leader Bashar Assad has agreed to work with peace envoy Kofi Annan to resolve the issues within Syria, but also vowed to keep fighting terrorism in order to protect Syrians.

Despite the mainstream media claims that Assad was killing his own people, he has remained defiant that it was the opposition he was fighting.

The Syrian Government also sent a letter to the UN on Friday which said they would keep defending their citizens from the terrorists, the ministry said the Syrian regime were;

“determined to protect its citizens by disarming the terrorists,”

If Kofi Annan if allowed to do his job and work with the Syrian government then this matter can be resolved.

We revealed last week that the Arab League report on Syria is being ignored by the mainstream media because it say the media are at fault for a lot of the problems in Syria.

The report lambasted the media for, “distorting the truth” and even showed that the opposition in Syria were causing a lot of the problems, which contradicts the mainstream media version.

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