Afghan Massacre Suspect Identified As Staff Sgt. Robert Bales

The solider who is suspected of being responsible for the massacre 0f 16 people in a shooting spree in Afghanistan has been identified as Staff Sgt. Robert Bales.

The solider was flown back to the US today and his identity had been kept secret until now, it is believed that he is being held at the Kansas military base, Fort Leavenworth.

According to the BBC, the lawyer for Bales , John Henry Browne, said on Thursday that the suspect was a 38-year-old man who had been injured twice while serving in Iraq.

It appears that his defence team are going to claim he had PTSD and personal problems which caused the outburst.

There has been claims by witnesses that up to 20 drunken soldiers were involved and this morning the Afghan Parliament concluded the same with their own investigation.

The claim that Staff Sgt. Robert Bales didn’t act alone in the massacre has not been confirmed or denied but it isn’t part of the military official stance

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