Obama NDAA Change Is Just PR For Re-Election

The man who has lied more than any other and has flip flopped on even the least controversial issues has now attempted to deceive American’s on the NDAA using a policy directive.

Obama’s new “policy directive” attempts to fool American citizens into believing that he is revoking the authorisation to detain, torture or kill American’s without trial, however that’s not true.

The new directive simply effects non citizens under the section 1022, but it does not deal with or attempt to change section 1021 which states that American’s can be arrested and detained without trial.

“Directive apply only when”

“(2) officials of the agency detaining the individual have probable cause to believe that the individual is a “Covered Person” under section 1022 of the NDAA.”

So who is a “covered person” under the NDAA;

” For purposes of this Directive, the phrase “Covered Person” applies only to a person who is not a citizen of the United States and:”

Clearly this is just a PR ploy for Obama, which goes to show just how little he can be trusted to tell the truth to the American people.

Please take the time to read the “policy directive” for yourself and see just how desperate Obama is to deceive the American people and to gain votes.

Earlier in the week Obama released his campaign ad which is trying to use race to get black people to vote for him, however i have faith that most black people are smarter then Samuel L Jackson.


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