Ron Paul Victory In Washington & Hancock Closes Gap

It was the counties we fought to have counted towards the final results and our fight has paid off, both because we have won the fight but also because Ron Paul won by double the votes Romney got.

In the final results from Washington County, Ron Paul got 163 votes while Romney only got 80 which gave Paul an extra 83 votes over Romney.

  • Ron Paul          163
  • Romney           80
  • Santorum         57
  • Newt Gingrich  4

The statewide final result from the Maine caucus still leave Romney on top but not by much, as shown below

  • Mitt Romney    38.0%
  • Ron Paul            36.2 %
  • Rick Santorum  18.2%
  • Newt Gingrich   6.5%

Of course the media will tell you that the Caucus is over and you can go on with your business, however there are still questions over the recount.

Paul campaign state chairman Paul B. Madore told The New American;

“This really disturbs me, when I see numbers like this,” he said. In Portland, the state GOP reported February 11 that Paul had won the caucus by a vote of 106 to 91. But in the February 17 revision, Romney had won the state’s largest city, by an identical 106 to 91 vote”

“the revised numbers appear not to have taken any votes away from Romney in any town, except for a single vote from Hancock’s Verona Island.”

The victories in Washington and Hancock were excellent wins however until the numbers start adding up and people who speak out about corruption are taken seriously then we can’t be sure it’s fair.

We will take time to access the results but for now it is not looking for the the electoral process which is supposed to be fair and balanced.

Well done to everyone who fought to get these votes counted and to get a recount but we must keep fighting to make sure the final results are the correct ones.

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