Maine Victory For Ron Paul Supporters As GOP Recount and Back Down

The Ron Paul movement are now getting a fairer Caucus in Maine, nearly a week after the initial results were incorrectly given.

The Maine GOP has announced they will recount all the current votes from last Saturday and will recommend that Washington County votes are included as well.

Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster said;

“The results of the Washington County caucus will be reviewed at the March 10 Republican State Committee meeting,”

“The executive committee voted unanimously to recommend to the state committee that they include the results in the final tally for the presidential preference poll as their caucus had been scheduled to occur by the February 11 deadline, however it was postponed due to inclement weather.”

“We have worked diligently to contact town chairmen throughout Maine to reconfirm the results of their individual caucuses. These totals, once confirmed, will be posted on the Maine Republican Party website,”

“All Republicans are keenly aware of the intense interest in the results of the Maine Republican Party presidential preference poll,” the statement continued. “In fact, I have had numerous conversations with Senate President Kevin Raye and Washington County Commissioner Chris Gardner regarding their concerns that the Washington County poll results be included in our final tally.”

“As a result of these conversations I called a meeting of the executive committee to discuss this matter.”

While this is a small victory, it is still not a completely fair results and will only be such when 100% of the votes cast are counted together and an apology is issued to Ron Paul for the mess.

If the recount is fair and honestly carried out then congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to get what was right and just.

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4 Responses to Maine Victory For Ron Paul Supporters As GOP Recount and Back Down

  1. That’s the least they could do for Dr. Paul after not counting counties that he won and allowing the dead to come back to life to vote for Romney.

  2. adrian says:

    In South Carolina, Ron Paul should have came in second. Paul’s votes were given to Romney.

    Gist: using the formula to project the path of votes each candidate will get, both Santorum’s vote total, and Newt’s vote total was absolutely accurate.

    In the case of Romney’s and Paul’s vote total projected paths, Ron Paul actually officially ended up with Romney projected vote total, and Romney ended up with Ron Paul’s projected vote total.

    Click this link for the full analysis:

    It seems as if Romney wants to give the perception that he is still front runner. Losing To Ron Paul would have made his campaign look weak, since Ron Paul’s campaign is perceived to be weak. The same holds true with the Maine Caucus. They are recounting the votes in Maine, we will see what comes of it.

    • truther says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for the link, the web of lies they weave are complex but they are being caught out because they under estimated two elements

      1) The determination of the Ron Paul Revolution, we are like lions chasing down prey and will never give up of what is right

      2) The intelligence of the Ron Paul Revolution, we are more than intelligent enough to see and expose their lies and extremely well educated.

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