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Obama NDAA Change Is Just PR For Re-Election

The man who has lied more than any other and has flip flopped on even the least controversial issues has now attempted to deceive American’s on the NDAA using a policy directive. Obama’s new “policy directive” attempts to fool American citizens into believing that … Continue reading

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Anti-Protest Bill Is Invalid Because Of Constitution

American rights are being destroyed on a weekly basis at the moment and the most recent of these is the H.R. 347 bill, which will make protests near government officials (pubic servants) illegal. The bill was passed on Monday and could … Continue reading

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New Evidence Julian Assange Is Innocent

New evidence has come to light after Wikileaks hacked into Intelligence agency, Stratfor that show Julian Assange maybe innocent of the rape charges against him. In a series of emails between people within the agency, they claim that Assange is … Continue reading

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Facebook “Exploiting The Third World”

People are being paid just $1 per-hour to moderate Facebook through an outsourced  company called oDesk, According to an ex employee Amine Derkaoui, 21. According to Derkaoui, Facebook is outsourcing to third world countries because they know that it is cheaper and in turn the company … Continue reading

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White House Refuse To Declare Monsanto Connection

The White House has refused to reveal it’s connection with the agricultural biotech company, Monsanto, after Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) put in a FOIA request. PEER tried to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out whether or not … Continue reading

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Occupy London Camp Destroyed

Riot police have destroyed the occupy London camp, which was home to some 70 activists and was based outside St Paul’s Cathedral. At 12am riot police began moving people away from the area and dismantled the camp which was created in protest of the current … Continue reading

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Wikileaks Release Proof Iran Threat Is Fake

Wikileaks have hacked into the emails of Stratfor, who are an intelligence agency for the American Government and found claims that Israel destroyed Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. The email from Stratfor officials asked a source what they thought about the Iranian nuclear threat, the source … Continue reading

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