Rudolph Giuliani Confronted on Building 7 But “Laughs It Off”

In the above clip, Rudolph Giuliani was confronted by Bob Tuskin over building 7, however instead of answering the question about the worst day in Americas history, he simply made jokes.

Bob Tuskin shouted;

“What happened with building seven, Rudolph?”

A question which victims families, experts and first responders all want answering however the ex mayor didn’t see fit to take the question serious and instead said;

“You are too rude to be entitled to an answer,”

“May I suggest a barber and a haircut?”

If Giuliani thought that having Bob Tuskin removed it would end the tough questions, then he was about to be proven wrong as a second audience member also asked the same question.

Again Giuliani responded in a disrespectful matter by saying;

“Oh, get lost,”

“It seems like I’m in New York. This could be Times Square. Any more clowns?”

I guess some people would be happy to forget about 9/11 but while science and evidence continues to contradict the official story then they will never be allowed to forget.

Victims families, experts and first responders have fought to have the truth about 9/11 exposed by raising awareness through campaigns such as The building 7 campaign advert.

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