Truth From Rusty About Freeman Movement After Court Protests

The following is a guest post by Gavin

This is a message from Rusty The Man,received 21/12/11
I would like to wish all of you, my fellow Rebels out there, who are enjoying your FREEDOM – A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2012!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there, who have NOT FORGOTTEN ME or the reason I am in here, being held in HMP Preston, UNLAWFULLY!

I also want to thank, my dad, girlfriend and all of my friends, from the bottom of my heart, for having made the effort, for taking the time to support me, by way of letters, Postal Orders, and Broadcasts. At least I know that there are a few of you out there who support and appreciate what I have done for ‘The Cause!’

I will never forget these individuals and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you when I get released – to shake your hand and to give you each a hug.

I am now allowed Legal Visits from anybody I chose to appoint as a member of my Legal Team. We don’t have to have Legal Visits from only Registered Solicitors or Legal Firms anymore – which is a really great achievement. It took me a great deal of time and effort of me fighting and quoting “Equality of Arms” – in order to win and to have the right to be represented by ourselves and whoever else we choose! – If anyone else ends up in the same situation as me – then it means that they will also be able to do the same thing – So this effects us all!

Again, I ask everyone who’s been supporting me to please carry on contributing, the way you have. I thank you.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask all you other people out there to either make an effort to put pen to paper and write to me – to show me your support – or to please contribute £1 to my Appeal Fund which has been organised to help me and my daughter.

I have made a sacrifice for The Cause, which I did cos of my beliefs in what’s Right and what’s Wrong – but really I didn’t think about my Beautiful Darling Daughter, Georgia. She is 11 years old and has now got to spend 8 months minimum, without her daddy being there to support her, mentally, physically and financially.

She is a wonderful girl who is currently the Under 12’s –U.K National & Classical, Sequence, Ballroom Champion. – She is dedicated to her training and is a focused and disciplined, hard worker and athlete.

Here is a quote from the last letter I received from her – about my actions which led to me being parted from her, here in prison. “I am like a piece of paper – You scrunched me up. Then you smooth me out and say sorry, but do you notice there are still scars in the paper that you can’t smooth out! – That’s me!”

The time behind bars which I am doing has not only affected me – I made a conscious decision to “Take those actions and stand up for what I believe is RIGHT! – But my actions have had an effect on my daughter!

So I ask all you people out there who ‘Talk the Talk’ on your computers, to please think about me and my daughter and to please help us through these up-coming months – by any way that you can show your support.

I will leave you with these thoughts and I look forward to a POSITIVE response in the New Year, 2012, – than I have had over the last 4 months since I have been behind bars. OUT OF ALL OF YOU REBELS, OUT THERE, ONLY A FEW OF YOU HAVE MADE SOME KIND OF EFFORT – and there were HUNDREDS of people at Birkenhead in March this year – May I finally add that I haven’t even had any acknowledgement or even so much as a letter of support, from Roger Hayes or the British Constitution Group – The man who ORCHESTRATED the whole event in Birkenhead!!! That to me has shown a complete lack of gratitude or RESPECT! And that is how I feel at this moment! I will love you all and leave you for now – Hugs, Peace, Love and Happiness be with you all – Rusty the man – UP THE REBELLION!!!

Summary of Events – Rusty

On Thurs the 8th September 2011, Rusty was arrested after he left the courtroom in Manchester.

He had gone there for a hearing in front of a judge, Judge Pelling, after previously submitting seven Judicial Reviews, for outstanding (Unlawful) charges against him and to obtain Quashing orders for the remaining warrants for his arrest, after breaking his bail conditions.

For a number of weeks previously, the Administration office at Manchester Courts had refused to accept any of Rusty’s Judicial Reviews, stating that he would have to submit them in a ‘ring-binder’ and pay the (total) sum of two and a half thousand pounds, in order for them to be ‘stamped’ and then processed. After many weeks Rusty finally argued successfully, that under the rules of The Magna Carta, – that neither he, nor anyone else should have to pay any monies to have them accepted by the courts *– And also to his understanding – during the time of the conception of The Magna Carta, there were no such things in existence, known as ‘ring-binders.’

* {“To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice.”}

At the conclusion on the 8th of Sept, all Judicial Reviews were eventually thrown out and dismissed by Pelling. Rusty had addressed the judge and stated ‘For and on the record’ that Pelling was there to act as a trustee of the United Kingdom Corporation and that it was his duty to oversee these matters.

Pelling not only dismissed all of Rusty’s seven Judicial Reviews – but additionally, he slapped a Banning Order on him, effectively preventing him from ever being able to submit any further Judicial Reviews, to any court in the U.K for the next two years – (an overt breach of Rusty’s Human Rights)

This, the judge stated – was generated, in direct response, to a number of complaints which he had received, made personally to him, by the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, against Rusty, for harassment of his officers and Legal Employees/Advisors, after a series of Notices he had served upon them, (under Common Law) – in the weeks following his arrest and subsequent charges, after BIRKENHEAD on the 7th of March.

At the conclusion of this hearing, Rusty called for the local Sheriff to arrest this man as he was clearly in ‘Breach of his Duty’ – However, after Pelling made a hasty retreat out of the court, Rusty was then immediately arrested as he exited the courtroom. He was taken away and held over night in Pendleton, the custody suite in the Greater Manchester area, which provides the highest security.

The next day he was transported on his own in a prison van, over to Birkenhead where he was up in court for charges relating to his arrest on the 7th of March. He said that he knew he had, in effect, no chance whatsoever, of being granted bail if he was to have represented himself and so directed a friend of his, a solicitor, to act on his behalf, to make an application for bail. He did this with every intention of dismissing his solicitor’s services at a later date.

At that hearing, he pleaded ‘guilty’ to the charges, whilst intending to change his plea at his next hearing, (to be fixed at a later date) to ‘Not guilty’ – He would do this after his affidavit had been submitted to the court, stating that he was only ‘guily’ to the facts contained within his affidavit. –Therefore stating, that he was guilty only, of his own actions, and not to the charge of assaulting a police officer, – which the video evidence would clearly prove his innocence.

He was indeed granted bail but instead of being able to walk free, he was then immediately driven by Merseyside Police, straight over to Preston Crown Court. Here, he appeared in front of another judge, (Judge Knowles) regarding an outstanding warrant which was ordered for his arrest, in July, earlier this year.

This was to do with an incident – which occurred in May 2010, where Rusty had attempted to intentionally provoke an arrest in order to ‘test’ Common Law, in relation to Statute Law and Criminal Proceedings – Because, paramount to Rusty, was that he wanted to ascertain the answer to his question, (which had first motivated him, to set out on this path and was the initial driving-force which inspired him to begin his study of Common Law) – Which was to determine, if indeed, we are all seen as ‘Slaves’ in the eyes of the ‘system’ – i.e. The law

So, in order to test this – He purposely ‘mirrored’ what the police carried, by having a baton – and a canister of Pepper Spray – both items being ‘standard issue’ – used by the police. He also had on him, a small quantity of ‘Herb.’

Previously to this (Unlawful) trial in July, Rusty had written to the courts and stated that following his earlier hearing, in January of this year, after he turned up at Preston to represent himself, that he had come away, having lost all confidence in the courts – and the entire judiciary system – And in offering a ‘Remedy’ – had written to the judge to ask for a ‘Meeting of The Minds’ – so that this matter could be resolved. However –

Rusty was found guilty after this trial by jury went ahead – in his absence – without him being there to represent himself – And additionally, without any provision of legal counsel being offered by the courts in his defence, to represent him in his absence.

So, – on the 9th of September, directly after appearing at Bikenhead, Rusty was then transported over to Preston Crown Court, to appear before a judge. Once again, he made an application for bail.

The judge made it clear to Rusty that he had serious reservations about granting him bail because of his concerns about what had taken place earlier that year, on March the 7th in Birkenhead – and taking into account all of the events which had unfolded, with regard to the disruption in the
Courtroom – and the attempt to arrest Judge Michael Peake – So therefore, his application for bail was refused.

Whilst this may have had a direct influence on the judge’s decision that day, to refuse him bail – It was however, somewhat worrying for Rusty, to then hear this judge referring to his upcoming hearing for sentencing, in terms of years rather than months – All because of Birkenhead – This was a completely separate charge and matter and should not have had any bearing on this case.

Confirmation that Rusty, was indeed, going to be made and example of – to send out a message loud and clear, to everyone else who challenged Statute Law and those within the Freeman Movement?

After this – he was taken over to HMP Preston, where he was then held on ‘Judges Remand’ for the following few weeks. His next appointed hearing for sentencing, was for Friday the 7th of October.

This was recorded by the Court Listing’s Office at Preston, for first thing that morning. However, when it came to the morning itself, – the hearing was postponed and later re-appointed for Friday the 3rd of November – Also, this gave the courts an opportunity to gauge how many people would have turned up to support Rusty and would have also caused maximum disruption to anyone’s travel plans

He was then given a date to appear in court in Birkenhead on on Thursday the 13th of October. This was with regard to what had happened on March the 7th – The charge of ‘police assault’ and also for removing his electronic tag and breaking his bail conditions. Two days before this, he was told that this hearing was no longer going to go ahead – and instead, he would be allocated a new date. Then on the morning of the 13th, Rusty was woken early in his cell and told to get ready as he was being taken over to Birkenhead. He explained that there must be some sort of mix-up as the hearing had been postponed. He was told that this wasn’t the case and that he was definitely going.

Rusty immediately ‘clicked’ what was happening here. He understood that this was a deliberate move, on behalf of the judiciary, to purposely prevent anyone from turning up at the courts in Birkenhead, and therefore to avoid a turn out of the numbers of people, who may have shown up to support him – Such was their unease and fear at the prospect of a repeat of events from March.
Once he realised what they had done, and why he had deliberately been mislead – Rusty kicked off – ‘Royal’ – and in protestation to this – he made a stand and stated that he was refusing to leave his cell.

Five hefty prison guards (“Big fuckers”- as Rusty, in his own words, described them) – and a set of hand-cuffs later – He was transported (yet again) on his own, over to The Wirral. Firstly, when he arrived there, after he was forced to stand in the dock, he immediately informed the court that he was changing his plea to ‘Not guilty’ with regard to the charge of police assault – Also, when he asked if they had received his affidavit, where he pleaded guilty to the facts contained within it? – They said that they hadn’t (this transpired to be correct – His affidavit was never faxed over to the court) but they refused to accept his change of plea anyway – Claiming that this was because he had stated that he “Did not recognise the court.”

Therefore Rusty was denied his right to a trial. He had wanted to put Judge Michael Peake on the witness stand, so that he could cross examine him and question him, under oath, about events which had gone on that day in the courtroom in March at Birkenhead.

After telling Rusty that he could not change his plea – He was then sentenced to a maximum of six months imprisonment for the assault of a police officer – plus six weeks for breaking his bail conditions.

From start to finish – Rusty was in and out of this court in less than two minutes – Total.

He was then taken from here over to HMP Liverpool – Walton – where he spent the next few weeks in prison, until he was up for sentencing in Preston on Thursday the 3rd of November.

Extra security measures were again put in place outside the courtroom in Preston on the morning he was to be sentenced. After passing through the usual security measures and checks, (now a standard procedure when entering any court building) – there was then an additional ‘walk-through’ metal detector put in place outside the court itself, especially for Rusty’s appearance – as well as over zealous body ‘pat-downs’ and searches of bags, coats or any belongings being taken into the court that morning. – ALL mobile phones were confiscated and locked away into a separate locker, and receipts were issued for their return.

Judge Knowles announced at the very start, that he would not tolerate any recording device or ‘live streaming’ of this hearing and would not hesitate to prosecute anyone who did so.

Rusty stated that he intended to represent himself and therefore the Q.C appointed for him by Legal Aid had to be ‘dismissed’ via his directive/instruction. This could only be done after a document had been drawn up confirming that this was Rusty’s wish. – Also, the appointed probation officer had written his report to the court without even seeing or interviewing Rusty before this hearing, for sentencing – However, in his report, he advised the judge that in his opinion, because of what had happened at Birkenhead in March – he recommended that Rusty should receive a full custodial sentence.

This probation officer had met with Rusty weeks before, to compile a report which he wrote for the courts in Birkenhead, for the charges of breaking his bail conditions and police assault – Therefore, the recommendations he made in his second report – even though this was an entirely separate case, and completely different charges – Was based solely upon that first meeting they’d had, which was in relation to what happened at Birkenhead in March. All of this was then submitted to the judge without any meeting or interview with Rusty. – These actions were totally in breach of his duty.

Thankfully, Judge Knowles proved to be a very fair and decent man and after deciding that this probation officer’s report was unsatisfactory, he decided to adjourn the hearing for later that day, after lunch. In the meantime he appointed a new probation officer to meet with Rusty in the cells below the court. This too would allow time for the Q.C (whose services Rusty wanted to dismiss) to then report back to the court.

When things proceeded that afternoon, the first thing that happened, was that the Q.C addressed the judge and said that she had found Rusty to be extremely courteous, intelligent and engaging. Furthermore, she was in no doubt that he was fully aware of what he was doing by dismissing his legal counsel and all that this entailed. Assured by this feed-back from the Q.C – and the appropriate document having been drawn up, confirming all this, the judge continued with the hearing.

Rusty had said that he was fully aware that he was going to be made an example of – because of what had happened at Birkenhead and also because of the notoriety he now been labelled with, by the way in which he had challenged the courts and the whole (unlawful) judicial system in general.
He said that during the two meetings he’d had in the cells below the courts with the Q.C and the newly appointed probation officer – they had both told him – independently – that he was probably looking at a sentence of at least five years.

Also – At one point during this hearing for sentencing, the Prosecution barrister had quoted from Archbold’s (Archbold Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice) stating that the maximum sentence for the charge of carrying a firearm was ten years. Whilst this didn’t exactly apply to the charge of Rusty carrying a pepper-spray – it was still in fact, technically, a firearm – and it was palpably, an extremely tense moment in that courtroom, when that was read out.

Because of the preparation and effort he had put in – Rusty was able to prove categorically, that he had provoked the arrest in 2010, so that he could challenge and ‘test’ Common Law, in relation to Statute Law and Criminal Proceedings. This was supported by his opportunity to address the court, his own written testimony and that of someone else who had written a ‘Statement of Truth’ to the judge, (saying that Rusty had indeed stated what he intended to do, weeks beforehand) – and finally by the sterling and honest report, submitted to the judge, by the newly appointed, court probation officer.

Additionally, at his first pre-sentence hearing in September, Judge Knowles had said that he was interested to know how Rusty had initially become involved in studying law, (impressed by his knowledge of the subject) which first set him on this path.

Bearing in mind, that initially, at Rusty’s first pre-sentence hearing (Sept 9th) – the judge had made it clear that he was taking into account what had happened in March at Birkenhead, with the attempted arrest of a Judge Micheal Peake – (and almost certainly to make an example of him) – and that he would be looking to sentence Rusty for a number of years rather than months.

Despite having already been tried by a jury in his absence – and then found guilty – and then representing himself before being sentenced – In summary, and all of these things considered, Rusty received in total, a sentence, of sixteen months.

To everyone who has supported Rusty and been in touch with him by writing to him, since his arrest at the beginning of September, he’s asked to “Please send a heartfelt thank you, to each and every one of you for your support.” – It’s now been fifteen weeks since he’s been behind bars Rusty’s in jail for challenging corporate law, supported and encouraged at the time by some who are advocates of the British Constitution Party. He walked the walk unlike Hayes, to name just one, who did not follow their obligations by refusing to use an affidavit even when a” judge” was read his rights and replied that he understood. Another who was up in court for the ” cause” and being helped by John Hurst had 18 witnesses to call, there was only one at the trial, and guess what, Hayes was not that man. What i’m saying that is if someone is heading for or indeed in jail for exercising their rights as a human being then they should be supported. Yes talking the talk is one thing, which pretty much anyone can do, but getting your finger out and helping those who have put their liberty on the line for what they believe.

Below is the video of the court protests in March last year;

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