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Obama Signs NDAA – Making Indefinite Detention Officially Legal

The NDAA had passed both the Senate and the Congress however today it has been made official with President Obama’s signature condemning Americans to the threat of indefinite detention. The National Defense Authorisation Act has caused outrage due to section 1032 which allows American citizens to … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!

It has been a strange, funny and difficult year however i do beleive we have awoken more people and had more of an effect than ever before. Time Magazine’s decision to chose the protester as the person of the year shows just … Continue reading

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Enemy of The State: Camp Fema 2

Enemy of The State: Camp Fema 2 was made in 2010 however it is more important now than ever before as the NDAA has been passed and more human rights are being destroyed across the US. The film includes guest … Continue reading

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Camp Fema: American Lockdown

Recently FEMA camps around the US became active and with the NDAA now allowing the US government arrest and detain American citizens without a judge or jury, we take a look back at a film which predicted it would happen … Continue reading

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Occupy Protester Banned From Flying

It may be an important political action to protest however it now apparently means that you can be banned from flying, without a judge or jury having made any decision. John Charles Culatto, 34 was banned from boarding his flight at … Continue reading

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Human Rights At Guantanamo Bay To Be Reduced After NDAA Passed

It has only been a couple of weeks since the National Defense Authorisation Act was passed  and human rights at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba are to be reduced even further. Despite a backlash from lawyers,  the commander at Guantanamo Bay has … Continue reading

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Iran Rejects Court Ruling Over 9/11

Iran has publicly rejected the court ruling by Judge George Daniels, which blamed Iran of working with Al-Qaeda in carrying out the 9/11 attacks . The court ruled on the 23rd of December that Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah had supported Al-Qaeda. Iranian Foreign … Continue reading

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