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Letter To Politicians About Corruption

The following is a letter which a reader of this blog has sent me and is sending to every politician. Thanks to Gavin for his contribution. We have had enough… This letter is a warning – from the people. It is … Continue reading

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Agent Provocteurs At London Protests

The footage below is from the 9th November protests over tuition fees and education cuts. In the videos we can clearly see undercover police attempting to incite violence and arrest people for no apparent reason. The first video shows clear … Continue reading

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Italy Forced Into Austerity While Rich Get Richer

Italy has been told by their new globalist master, Mario Monti, they will have austerity measures forced on them, all because banks were “too big to fail”. The average Italian will be forced to pay more tax while getting less … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage “You Should All Be Fired”

In the video below, Nigel Farage puts the unelected and undemocratic EU in it’s place by speaking the truth. Mr Farage spoke about how anyone who has disagreed with the EU has been “bumped off” like an Agatha Christie novel. … Continue reading

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Immortal Technique Speaks To Infowars

In the two videos below, hip hop artist Immortal Technique speaks to Infowars about a range of different issues including, occupy protests, wars and American politics. In the second clip, Immortal Technique talks about elections and how the system could … Continue reading

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Iran To Be Illegally Attacked

Since i have been away for the past two weeks, the war against Iran has been getting increasingly closer. It has of course began with talk about Iran having the ability to create a nuclear weapon (sound familiar) and it … Continue reading

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