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Truther Becomes A Dad

At 00:02 this morning, i became the proud dad of a beautiful baby girl and she and mother are doing excellent.  I look forward to no sleep and constant worry lol but it will all be worth it. With our … Continue reading

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Vatican Calls For World Government

In a new document from the Vatican, it asks for a “true world political authority” to be setup in order to deal with global issues such as, the “global” economy. The document says that globalisation would be positive because it … Continue reading

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50 Cent “Woken Up” To Corrupt Elite

It seems that 50 cent is awake to the corruption of politicians and corporations, based upon his message on Facebook which talked about how we are all being manipulated. The message was on 50 cents street king Facebook page, which … Continue reading

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European Union Plans For A Single Treasury

The control which the European Union has over its member nations is set to grow, with plans for a EU single treasury to oversee spending and tax in around 17 of its countries. The move by the EU comes after … Continue reading

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Matt Cardle Thinks 9/11 Was An Inside Job

The 2010 Xfactor winner Matt Cardle, has announced his belief that 9/11 was “not what they say it is” and thinks George Bush was behind the attacks. Speaking to the Big Issues Matt said, “The whole 9/11 thing… something’s not … Continue reading

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Wikileaks Forced To Shut Down Website

Wikileaks front man, Julian Assange has announced that the website which exposed Governments has been forced to shut down because of a lack of funding In a statement Mr Assange said, “In order to ensure our future survival, Wikileaks is … Continue reading

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Fed is “Riddled With Conflicts of Interest” According to GAO Report

The Government Accountability Office report which was carried out as part of the first ever Federal Reserve audit, has found that the Federal Reserve is “Riddled With Conflicts of Interest”. The report which is being carried because of the Saunders … Continue reading

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