The Beautiful Truth

The Beautiful Truth – Documentary 

In this film we see a 15 year go in search of the truth about GMO crops,aspartame and general health implications from the foods we eat.  The documentary also shows research from Dr. Max Gerson who found a new alternative method to treating illnesses. It is widely believed that Dr. Gerson found the closest cure to cancer if not a 100% cure. I have been blown away by this film and it will certainly change what i choose to eat in the future.

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4 Responses to The Beautiful Truth

  1. elbuggo says:

    Dude, can you read about this hysteria at before you make up your mind? I suggest you also read “Facts Versus Fears – A Review of the Greatest Unfounded Health Scares of Recent Times”.

    I couldn't watch the video. Bye.

  2. Truther says:

    well maybe you should watch it before making a judgement and remember that the greatest scientists were ridiculed and mocked before being found right. Remember when they said the world was flat..?

  3. Brittney says:

    i agree with Truther. Don’t knock it till you watch it. be open to different views and approaches…

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